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Watching as this counter counts down will likely be more entertaining overall than your experience at the actual festival.


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Messtival: A Satanic Cult Ritual
Every year you wondered why you kept coming back, feeling the lure of the night as it approached even though it left you feeling squirmy and empty. The time for pretense has past and the ritual is almost complete. Our ninth year will complete our cycle and will call from the depths the unspeakable horror we have spent lo these many years calling upon with our pitiful gatherings. You will bow to your new master or be dismembered… Or like, we will have a bunch of bands play music and artists art things like we do every year…


Early bird tickets are now on sale, scroll down to the tickets section to buy one now, or don’t, we don’t care…


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Tickets are now available for sale at the following fine retailers:


spin-itlogo Moncton, NBbackstreetrecordslogo Saint John, NB and Fredericton, NB

155069_498584436869089_140327974_nSussex, NB

obsoletelogo Halifax, NS


You should really be buying a ticket by now…

Have you bought one? Good.


Tickets are limited to 500.


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Elite squad of Rock Stars from the future!

After Funk

After Funk has been causing a ruckus on the Ontario music scene with their unique sound and infectiously fun shows since their inception in March of 2011. The Toronto based power-funk group consists of Yanick Allwood (keyboards & vocals), Jaime Rosenberg (drums), Justin Bontje (bass) and Phil Tessis (guitar) who are frequently joined by a horn section and other collaborators. Their self titled debut EP was released in January of 2014 and was mixed and mastered by Alan Evans of Soulive. An increasingly busy touring schedule led to opening spots for groups like Lettuce, Snarky Puppy, Dumpstaphunk, Kung Fu, The Nth Power and Walk Off The Earth. The band was also selected as Electric Forest’s Instrumental Forester and played two sets at the festival where they were featured alongside The String Cheese Incident, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Zeds Dead, Flying Lotus Stephen Marley and more.

the Hornitz

A duo, Friendship & Stoo, using Human Beatbox, Bass Trombone, Tenor Saxophone, Keyboards, and live-looping equipment to create the biggest, baddest party-funk experience you’ve never heard in your life.

Wet Grow Light

Wet Grow Light is a 4 piece behemoth obliterating the soundmosphere. Constantly melding elements of gypsy, rock, psychedelic, and dance. Wet Grow Light aims to give you an experience beyond imagination.

Stephen Lewis and the Big Band of Fun

Super funky loop based jams! Sometimes solo (big band of one) or sometimes with a power trio (BIG Band of FUN!) featuring Jonah Hache and Marco Lebreton.

the Galpines

This foot-stompin’, harmony-centric, hyphen-lovin’, all-female comedy-band credits themselves with pioneering an exciting new genre of music they’ve lovingly dubbed “Crass Country.” Including tunes about streaking, binge drinking, and trips to the drunk tank, this brand of songwriting could only be stories taken directly from the pages of the sad memoirs of this ragtag group of weirdos.

Easy Numbers

Easy Numbers is a 3 piece Rock/Reggae/Hip-Hop influenced band hailing from Saint John NB.

Drake Adams, long time song-writer joins forces with Bubba Smokejones (drums) & Chris Craig (bass) to push out this power trio. Starting things up in late September 2015 the band continues to show progression in paving their way for the future of playing and writing amongst on another.

From slow stylings of reggae, to progressive and heavy sounds of rock. This well balanced mix is brought together to create a sound you can’t help but move your feet to. These guys are no strangers to being active musicians. Throughout the trio their roots stretch a far way around different styles of music. (Drake Adams & The Sticky Bandits, Jinx The Cat, Andy Brown, Jelly, Keith Hallet) just to name a few. Showing these guys are not shy, and know what it means to try and bring forward the best music, & show they can produce.

Eastcoast Love Story

Blurring lines between country twang and indie-rock, with a Maritime lilt.

the Barrowdowns

Diverse instrumentation and soaring five-part vocal harmonies characterize the unique alternative folk sound of Halifax-based band, The Barrowdowns. Born in a cold dark Albertan winter in 2014, the band was started by Halifax musicians Kendra Breen and Rowan Swain. Upon their move back to Nova Scotia, the duo joined up with veteran Halifax musicians Dave Fultz, Adam Martin, and Neal Read to create an eclectic brand of folk music that is both energetic and haunting. With gripping songs that stick with you long after the last chord has rung out, The Barrowdowns create music that will keep you spellbound—even while you stomp your feet.


Nebullama spreads the love.

Elephant Skeletons

Elephant Skeletons sounds like a Crew of Bohemian Rockers threw a disco dance marathon. Velvety Vocoded Vocals and Kaleidoscopic bursts of Circus Horns take you on an Electro Saxy Journey. Elephant Skeletons is the soundtrack to the party everyone wishes they knew about. Driving beats melded with Mysterious Sounds & Symbols create a sound that’s simultaneously cutting-edge-danceable and filled with serious soul.


Tim Kukula, organizer of Future Forest, is also a DJ.

Wobble Swoggle Soundsystem

Ec·cen·tric- Adjective
1. (of a person or their behavior) unconventional and slightly strange.

Wobble Wallah is an enigma to the eccentric degree. Having just returned from a lengthy trip in India, where he has DJed, and shared his love of fire performance in a whole other land, and bringing the knowledge and breadth of his experience to share with us. His sound cannot be described in words, only in the sounds he makes. His love of world music (and I mean literally music from all around the world) is the underlying theme to his magic & madness.

Foggyswoggle is somewhere in the space between weirding you out, and making you dance your butt clear off, all night. Come trance dance down the caverns while you drink from the trough of deep sauce…


Dienamix started his music journey from his love of making people happy. He started playing classical music, focusing mostly on percussion instruments. Dienamix joined the cadet program which gave him the opportunity to learn musical theory which led to the completion of a university level music theory course. His passion for electronic music started by the similarities in heavy metal and dubstep which then moved his taste to every other electronic genre. The driving force and energy in upbeat house music combined with the heaviness of dubstep created Dienamix’s dying love for bass house.


  • Woodsworthy is a Multi-Instrumentalist, Producer and DJ from the woods surrounding Halifax, Nova Scotia. He is constantly releasing new music and loves to collaborate. There is also a DJ Duo that includes Woodsworthy and Wobble Wallah, named The Bass Babas, who flow back n forth between realms and tell the story behind fire dancers called IndusTribe. Included in the many facets and tools to hypnotize, 8 channel mixing with loops, tracks, instruments, and vocal samples are the branches of the tree. The exchange with the audience is the trunk. Living life fully roots this tree and the healing energy of nature is the sap that runs through its veins. 


Robert T

Retired Air traffic controller and father of 2 , now an electronic musician melding 70s analog synthesis with 90s beats.


Nausikaa is a deep bass creature bringing you tribal and psychedelic sounds mindfully interwoven to revitalize and inspire.

Jedis of Funk

Spinning the finest funk in the galaxy.

“These are the DJs you’re looking for.”
-Mos Eisley Stormtrooper.

We only have the best in funk, soul, R&B, jam bands and hip hop.
Everything you need to shake your booty to all night long.

May the funk be with you…

Dank Jankum and the Overpriveleged White Men

Get it girl.


Fire arts collective. Through live mixing DJ and fire performance Industribe aims to set alight the creative and confident hearts in our community.

the Jugglin’ Bubblers

The Jugglin’ Bubblers are a bubbly duo based out of Halifax Nova Scotia. With a passion for juggling, hat manipulation and bubble art, they bring a playful and light hearted performance perfect for young and old alike.

Lysanne Lombard

Lysanne is an artist from Moncton, NB- bio coming soon.

Chelsea Gauvin

Chelsea is an artist from Moncton, NB.- bio coming soon.

Emily Powers

Emily is a Halifax-Based human being and artist.


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