Lameness begins

Watching as this counter counts down will likely be more entertaining overall than your experience at the actual festival.


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Messtival is turning 6… years older than 2…
You are cordially invited to celebrate the day we pulled a crying, writhing, jelly covered festival from the gaping loins of TBA collective and gave unto the world a music and arts festival that has never once successfully provided anyone a modicum of entertainment…

Behold, the lineup announcement.



Early bird tickets are now on sale, scroll down to the tickets section to buy one now, or don’t, we don’t care…


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Based in the exploding underground Brooklyn scene with roots in Vermont, Durians are a multi-instrumental industrial-electronica outfit that spans an incredible array of sound, time and aesthetic. Out of a gamut that runs from the heaviness of 70s Sabbath and the primordial dub of Lee Perry, to Industrial Rock of Nine Inch Nails and Infected Mushroom, to contemporary electronica masters such as Amon Tobin, Squarepusher and Aphex Twin, Durians forge their own electroacoustic sound that challenges audiences’ musical palettes and conceptions while staying fun, organic and real.

Durians has found a dedicated and extremely eclectic audience throughout the Northeast US and Canada,playing alongside established artists such as Dub Trio, A Tribe Called Red, Deekline, The Egg, London Souls, Consider The Source, Toubab Krewe, Keys ‘N Krates, and Biodiesel. Their live shows are highlighted by innovative use of electronic instruments such as MIDI bass and theremin, hybrid drum triggers and electrified horns, and often include improvisational collaborations with guest live and electronic musicians.

The band draws its name from the durian, a Southeast Asian fruit known as the “the king of fruits” for its overpowering scent (it is banned in many hotels) yet heavenly taste.

Les Païens

Les Païens arguably put Moncton, NB on the jazz/rock map in Canada and have been able to bring instrumental loop based jazz/rock to the crowds and mainstream.
Quintette instrumental s’inspirant du rock/jazz/loop-groove. Huit albums de leur actif, l’écoute subjective, l’écoute presque métaphysique chez les Païens se manifeste naturellement sur scène.

After Funk

After Funk has been causing a ruckus on the Ontario music scene with their unique sound and infectiously fun shows since their inception in March of 2011. The Toronto based power-funk group consists of Yanick Allwood (keyboards & vocals), Jaime Rosenberg (drums), Justin Bontje (bass) and Phil Tessis (guitar) who are frequently joined by a horn section and other collaborators. Their self titled debut EP was released in January of 2014 and was mixed and mastered by Alan Evans of Soulive. An increasingly busy touring schedule led to opening spots for groups like Lettuce, Snarky Puppy, Dumpstaphunk, Kung Fu, The Nth Power and Walk Off The Earth. The band was also selected as Electric Forest’s Instrumental Forester and played two sets at the festival where they were featured alongside The String Cheese Incident, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Zeds Dead, Flying Lotus Stephen Marley and more.

the Hornitz

The Hornitz was founded in May 2006 as a horn-section-for-hire in and around Boston, MA. The group worked with many notable artists such as George Clinton, Guster, and State Radio, but in 2008 The Hornitz began producing original music as a duo. After a few years of experimenting and fine-tuning, Friendship and Stoo now create a show that is one of the most dynamic spectacles ever produced by two people. Using human beatbox, horns, keyboards and modern live-looping equipment they form large walls of sound and high energy dance parties.


Xania is an award-winning female rapper who mixes hip-hop, electro and tap-dancing to create music that is truly hers. Xania lived as a travelling troubadour for 5 years, touring through 16 European countries as part of the synth-pop duo ‘Trike’. She recently returned to her hometown of Montreal, to release her new self-titled album. Armed with a bubble gun, confetti and diamond-encrusted tap-shoes, Xania’s live shows are not to be missed.

Earthbound Trio

At first glance, the ECMA and Music NB award nominated band Earthbound Trio, resembles a traditional acoustic trio, but these three talented musicians blend elements of folk, funk, reggae, and rock with clever effects and engineering to create a wave of sound you would never expect from the acoustic instruments on stage. Building layer by layer, you’ll find yourself engulfed in a sound scape of grooving melodies with soulful, intriguing lyrics. Lend them your ears, your feet, and your mind, and they’ll take you on a musical journey that will resonate in your thoughts and fill you with energy.


Plural is comprised of guitarist Matthew Schwartz of Herd Of… and Ear to Ear, drummer Cameron Lawrence of Oceanic and Teacher. Their sound is created as a duo utilizing live guitar loops, drums and a variety of effects to create poly rhythmic soundscapes.


FRASE has embarked on a journey through the futuristic space craft that is modern EDM technologies while adding his melodic soulful touch. As a singer, multi-instrumentalist & beat maker from Montreal, Canada, FRASE has developed a one man show that is focused around his killer voice, ripping guitar licks and BIG beats. A hybrid live set that is the mix of Hip-Hop, Future Soul & Electro dub. The sound he is evoking is original, sensual, soulful and very danceable!

Mother, Jugs & Speed

Nerdy Girly Dirt Band from Moncton, NB.

Elephant Skeletons

Elephant Skeletons sounds like a crew of gypsy rockers threw a disco dance marathon. Often gritty, exploding with unexpected, kaleidoscopic bursts of circus horns, and occupying the sweet spot somewhere between Daft Punk and Beats Antique, Elephant Skeletons is the soundtrack to the party everyone wishes they knew about. Driving beats melded with kletzmer brass create a sound that’s simultaneously cutting-edge-danceable and filled with serious soul.

Papa Ya

PAPA YA is a Roots Reggae ensemble from Moncton, NB.
They perform original material written in English, French and Acadian Chiac.
Tackling subjects that range from GMO farming, war and political oppression to love, hope, family and celebration!
PAPA YA writes and performs for the love of the message, the music and the people.
Reggae Warriors from the heart of Acadie.

La formation PAPA YA est originaire de Moncton, au Nouveau-Brunswick.
Leurs compositions originales, écrites en anglais, en français, et en chiac,
abordent des thèmes variés : les OGM, la guerre, la répression politique, mais aussi l’amour, l’espoir, la famille et l’importance de célébrer la vie.
PAPAYA puise son inspiration et son énergie sur scène dans sa volonté de diffuser un message ainsi que dans son amour pour la musique et pour le monde.
Les Reggae warriors du coeur de l’Acadie.


M.K.W. is a DJ, a VJ and Multimedia Artist. He DJs VINYL and Mp3s mixing old ska/reggae,house classics to the latest UK bass and ALT R’n’B.
Currently travelling between the Moncton area and Montreal, around central Canada and at indie and dance music festivals around the area. He DJs VINYL and Mp3s mixing old ska/reggae to house classics to latest UK bass and ALT R’n’B.

Wobble Wallah

Wallah may refer to:
Auto-wallah, driver of an auto rickshaw
Chai-wallah, a boy or young man who serves tea
Attar-wallah, seller of perfumes and extracts
Wobble-Wallah, Dj who mixes and serves, grimy, wonky, worldly beets.


Woodsworthy is a Multi-Instrumentalist, Producer and DJ from the woods surrounding Halifax, Nova Scotia. He is constantly releasing new music and loves to collaborate. There is also a DJ Duo that includes Woodsworthy and Wobble Wallah, named The Bass Babas, who flow back n forth between realms and tell the story behind fire dancers called IndusTribe. Included in the many facets and tools to hypnotize, 8 channel mixing with loops, tracks, instruments, and vocal samples are the branches of the tree. The exchange with the audience is the trunk. Living life fully roots this tree and the healing energy of nature is the sap that runs through its veins. 

Chairman Meow

Hailing From Halifax, Nova Scotia, Chairman Meow has been blowing minds with his music around the Maritimes and beyond. Ranging from balls to the wall hardcore and drum n bass to psychedelic acid and techno tings, his music brings a frenetic energy that rips up dancefloors and brings you into a new universe of sound


Snug, AKA Adam McLellan, has always been fascinated by the intersection of music and technology. He was introduced to electronic music at a young age through a combination of community radio and the BBS art/demo scene and quickly found a place in Ottawa’s rave scene as a DJ and promoter. By the early 2000s he had shared the stage with national and international talent such as Total Science, Ray Keith, AK1200, Mistress Barbara, Angel Alanis, Mark EG and DAVE the Drummer.

Diversity is the keyword for Snug: he’s been known to play sets ranging from house to techno to drum & bass and everything in between. His original productions tend to tread the line between downtempo and drum & bass — combining the depth and downbeat of the former with the intensity and syncopation of the latter. Since his move to Halifax in 2007 he’s branched out and has been writing and producing for electronic-infused bands including The WAX, Arcadia Sound and Machina Analytica, as well as performing live hard techno under the moniker “Dr. Beardsley”.

Snug’s first full-length solo release was 2010’s “Time Travel”, which he’s since followed up with several singles, remixes, EPs, and 2014’s video-game inspired full-length concept album “Battle for Planet Earth”. With an active tour schedule and several releases and collaborations planned for 2015, Snug shows no sign of slowing down.

Daryl and His Boogie Buttons

Eclectic Bouncy Bass.


HEETHCLIFF is a rock & roll rhythm and jazz ensemble featuring a horn section arranged over top. Vocally driven and keeping true to the pop rock song writing formula, Heethcliff has an aggressive sound that grabs you with both arms and moves your entire body. There is nothing subtle about this band. Their music is confident, catchy and arrogant, with a flair for the dramatic.
Heethcliff draws inspiration from their various musical influences, such as Chicago, Primus, Sloan and Tom Waits, in the desire of blending different genres such as rock, pop, grunge, jazz, roots and alternative.
The band is set to launch their first album in spring 2014 entitled “Hunters Home E.P.” – written and produced by the band members over the span of a few months, then recorded and mixed by Marc Landry of “Elusive Studio”. This first release marks Heethcliff’s entrance into the recording industry.
The album captures the band’s transition from their instrumental roots into a more singer/songwriter approach to their compositions. The most noticeable addition is the horn section, which jazzes up the sound and adds exotic layers to the final product. Heethcliff has made a conscious effort in this E.P. to make music that is accessible and dance-oriented while still satisfying the more finely-tuned ear. Their live show highlights their tight chemistry and raw energy, and ensures that each performance is delivered palatably. They never disappoint their live audience, always leaving a lasting impression of curiosity and want for more. They bring an uplifting presence to the room that inspires dancing, partying and cheering all night long.
Heethcliff is an amalgamation of musicians united by their understanding of certain musical ideals and philosophies. Each member was looking for a hardworking and active group that regularly wrote and performed original compositions. The members gradually found each other through various casual coincidences and fortunes that lead up to the incarnation of the band.
Having been a part of the local music scene for almost ten years, Heethcliff has undergone many style and lineup changes. What started out as an instrumental progressive rock trio has transformed into a vocally driven, horn-accompanied wall of sound. At the core of the group, we have Leo Melanson and Pierre Hebert (also members of the “Primus” tribute band “Pork Soda”), who have been with Heethcliff since day one.
Despite an ever-changing industry, Heethcliff has remained fresh and relevant without compromising their vision or their sound.

Jedis of Funk


Our mission: to strike a spark of resistance. We desire to enlighten the artistic hearts out there, to encourage the artful expression of alternative lifestyles, ideas and ways of thinking. At any venue and in every town we ceremoniously strive to rekindle the imagination. We dance to illuminate the strength of people-powered projects. We gather to remind ourselves of our roots and of our ancient ties to the first master of destruction and change- the flame! We ignite a feeling of hope upon ourselves and in those around us. With burning ambition, we wish to be a light in these dark times of wastefulness and competition. We are dedicated to celebrating confident connection… Be it what motivates us, what moves us. We fashion love to be the momentum that binds us.

the Strange & Bizzar East Coast Sideshow

Strange & Bizzar!: From the creeping roots carnival Emerges the freaky duo Cassandra Strange, and Jason Bizzar! Be entertained with twisted feats; The human block head, fire tricks , feats of strength, and walking across a river of broken Glass!!…..or you can pick those cheetos outta your naval…Im not your mom


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Our delicious sponsors Picaroons Traditional Ales have been blowing up and expanding because they are so delicious and popular to everyone who gets the chance to try some! We bring Picaroons beer to our festival so that our performing artists are eased by the pain of having to endure the terrible experience and environment that is known as Messtival. We're talking of course about you, the audience. Yes, you. We've recently decided we're not taking the blame for making Messtival such a terrible time anymore. And you know what, were not even sorry about it, ya butts. ... See MoreSee Less

It's starting to come together..... OOooo Devon is a place on earth! #NewBrewery #Roundhousse #Fredericton #NorthSide #ACREarchitects #TankYouVeryMuch (photo c/o @stephen_acre)

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Hey all, I've been meaning to post this but kept getting sidetracked -

I lost a Dewalt battery charger + the battery that was charging in it at Loserville over the weekend. I think someone might have thought it belonged to them / the festival / Mike during clean up and tucked it away somewhere. If any of the organizer folks have heard about one being picked up or remember it happening; could you drop me a line? Expensive to replace :( Thanks !
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