Lameness begins

Watching as this counter counts down will likely be more entertaining overall than your experience at the actual festival.


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Messtival: A Satanic Cult Ritual
Every year you wondered why you kept coming back, feeling the lure of the night as it approached even though it left you feeling squirmy and empty. The time for pretense has past and the ritual is almost complete. Our ninth year will complete our cycle and will call from the depths the unspeakable horror we have spent lo these many years calling upon with our pitiful gatherings. You will bow to your new master or be dismembered… Or like, we will have a bunch of bands play music and artists art things like we do every year…


Early bird tickets are now on sale, scroll down to the tickets section to buy one now, or don’t, we don’t care…


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You should really be buying a ticket by now…

Have you bought one? Good.


Tickets are limited to 500.