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Watching as this counter counts down will likely be more entertaining overall than your experience at the actual festival.


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It’s that time of year again…
Get ready to get greased up and grimace. Messtival is happening again, we tried to stop it, but unlike Magic Johnson’s AIDS, this burden seems incurable. Due to recent environmental hazard legislation passed by the government of NB we have been forced to reduce the festival to a single packed intimate day sure to be less fun than your recent family reunion where you met your uncle for the first time since the broom closet hide and seek incident.

Featuring: the Hornitz, Durians, Wet Grow Light, Art>Dance>Party feat Jonah Hache, MKW, and Stephen Lewis, Disco Rockin’ Llamas, Coyote, Xania, Daryl & His Boogie Buttons, Roxy & the Underground Soul Sound, Torinos, Marco Logik, Gay Poutine feat. Danderson and MKW, Taco Supreme, Walrus, Wobble Wallah, Metro Gnohm, Live art from Atlantic Canadian artists, Camping, Swimming, Duck Race, Moustaches, Lazer Tag, Nerds, People with strange haircuts, paranoia…

Seriously, that guy keeps looking at you…


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the Hornitz

The Hornitz was founded in May 2006 as a horn-section-for-hire in and around Boston, MA. The group worked with many notable artists such as George Clinton, Guster, and State Radio, but in 2008 The Hornitz began producing original music as a duo. After a few years of experimenting and fine-tuning, Friendship and Stoo now create a show that is one of the most dynamic spectacles ever produced by two people. Using human beatbox, horns, keyboards and modern live-looping equipment they form large walls of sound and high energy dance parties.


“an ambitious and highly danceable experiment, recalling STS9 at their most electro, or perhaps Daft Punk at their most organic” – Dan Bolles, 7Days Magazine, Burlington, VT

The Durian, the spiny, stinky fruit, is both famous and infamous in its native home of South-East Asia. Eliciting emotions that range from respect to disgust to adoration, the fruit has earned the nickname, “King of Fruits,” and has been banned in many hotels and public areas due to its smell. No doubt this brash fruit is an appropriate namesake for the Brooklyn-based live Bass Music band, Durians. The trio’s powerful presence and sound are as impressive and unique as the fruit’s funky odor.

“…This is live-instrument electronic music on steroids, featuring dance-inducing break-beats and drum and bass amongst a psychedelic swirl of sonic delights.” – Ed Dufresne, Montpelier Times Argus

Although the group uses recognizable elements from the newest DJ-dominated Electronic Dance Music genres, Durians never sticks to formulas. Wobbly bass lines are played from Nick Kirshnit’s hybrid MIDI/Electric bass, which come out mean, dance-inducing, and compelling. Drum n’ bass and jazz-infused dubstep beats are played by drummer Ryan Ramirez, which further provides the crucial “live” element to their music. Melodies and sounds from Eli Chalmer are provided not just by synths and sounds produced by laptop, but by live trombone, keyboards, and unique original instruments such as MIDI-Theremin.

” …like Aphex twin and Squarepusher but they take it to the next level…” – DJ Lovelace, Brooklyn Radio

The band was formed in Summer of 2009 in Burlington Vermont by longtime musical cohorts Kirshnit and Chalmer. The two had been playing in jazz/funk bands together for years, but instead of listening to jazz/funk on their time off they would almost exclusively listen to the new electronic music they heard out of progressive electronica artists like Amon Tobin, Squarepusher, Bonobo, and others. In 2009 they decided to form a band that would somehow play such genres with live instruments. They worked on deconstructing the elements that go into the various Bass music/Electronica genres, and using a combination of Ableton Live and their hybrid electronic/acoustic instruments to play those elements for live audiences. The success of the project eventually compelled them to move to New York City, where they met drummer Ryan Ramirez, a recent transplant from North Carolina. Ramirez, an already accomplished session drummer with Soul/Funk ensembles, had been inspired by Electronica drummers such as Adam Deitch, Jo-Jo Mayer and KJ Sawka.

“…booming synths, heavy drums and instrumentals reminiscent of alien screeches — so bombastic that the floorboards shake.” – Lauren Harrison, Newsday, Long Island

After releasing two EPs, and a few singles, Durians have been growing in notoriety in the North-East. They find themselves at home in a variety of scenes, from EDM, to IDM, to Jamtronica, even picking up fans of jazz and heavy metal. They will be releasing their first full length album in March 2014 entitled “Synergy For Sadists”.

Band Contact for Booking/Press/General:

Art > Dance > Party


Fredericton loop-based funk musician Stephen Lewis, loop-based indie-dance musician Jonah Haché, and DJ MKW will perform with live art-live artists backed up by visual projection in a concept they call ART>DANCE>PARTY.

These 3 musical performers have mashed up their solo artist material into one another’s and composed special ART>DANCE>PARTY songs that promises to bring you terrible terrible things. Just simply awful.


Disco Rockin’ Llamas

Come on down to funkytown…..


Coyote is a pop-rock band hailing from Charlottetown, PEI. Often recognized for their dynamic live performances, Coyote features a good mix of acoustic and electric sounds with front-man Josh Carter having a way with words, recounting friendships and lovers, living life to the fullest, and growing up while staying young.  Coyote is anticipating a follow-up release to their debut EP Tracks, which earned them four Music PEI award nominations including Album of the Year and New Artist of the Year.


Xania is an award-winning female rapper who mixes hip-hop, electro and tap-dancing to create music that is truly hers. Xania lived as a travelling troubadour for 5 years, touring through 16 European countries as part of the synth-pop duo ‘Trike’. She recently returned to her hometown of Montreal, to release her new self-titled album. Armed with a bubble gun, confetti and diamond-encrusted tap-shoes, Xania’s live shows are not to be missed.

“A mix between Cocoa Rosie, Peaches and Fred Astaire,” – T-Bones.

“Our focus is driven towards the rapper’s rhymes. Where she shines,” – André Péloquin, Voir.

Gay Poutine

**GAY POUTINE** is a new monthly alternative queer night in Moncton organized by DJs Danderson and MKW.

We provide an event to promote social equality and acceptance in the Moncton area while sharing an eclectic mix of music that reflects contemporary gay culture.

**Gay Poutine** est un nouveau concept mensuel de la communauté LGBTQ de Moncton.
raison d’etre- d’intégrer divers thèmes culturels gaie contemporaine pour offrir des soiree diversifier et comfortable pour tous.

Wet Grow Light

What began as a one man project in 2006, with a vision of blending world and electronic elements into a hard driving, … more danceable musical force has evolved into a 5 piece behemoth obliterating the soundmosphere. Constantly melding elements of surf, jazz, gypsy and rock. Wet Grow Light aims to give you an experience beyond imagination…

This five piece combo, equal parts style and skill are sure to leave you wanting more. The genre bending spectacle will take you on a psychedelic journey through the desert with your fist raised victoriously in the air. A lineup rounded out with traditional instruments that are not to be missed.

Roxy & the Underground Soul Sound

In the dead of winter Giverny “Roxy” Mercier and Ian Bennett forgot it was and 2012 made music to ‘get down to’ as if it was 1969. Combining Bennett’s instrumental abilities and Mercier’s vocal prowess and adding their love for soul music they produced a sound that dates back to funk 45s, soul train and groovy hair do’s. Inspired by the sweet sounds of Motown, Southern Soul, R’n’B, and Funk, “Roxy and the Underground Soul Sound” create original soul music that harks back to the “good ol’ days” yet maintains a youthful and current edginess.

This band of Halifax rabble met whilst gigging around the Halifax music scene and have united their forces to create the sounds that conjure up the image of a young Otis Redding, or Gladys knight and added the modern vibe of Amy Winehouse and Charles Bradley.

The five foot firecracker of funk, ‘Roxy’ on Lead Vocals backed by Ian Bennett (Bass), Matt Gallant (Drums) Andrew MacKelvie (Sax), Adam Hewey (Guitar) and Jason Keddy (Keys) make up the band that promises a night of grooving and good vibes.


Marco Logik aka Marco Lebreton born and raised in Tracadie NB has only been deejaying for not more than 5 years. But has been a musician and an artist for his whole young life.
He has dominated the East Coast music scene in more ways then one and has played all over the East Coast with residencies @ The Paramount Lounge for almost 4 years.
Currently he holds a residency at Bombers Bar & Grill alongside of deejaying partner and longtime friend Cyn L every second Saturday Evening .He is also resident of Broken Coast and Outlaw Entertainment among others.
Playing the drums and deejaying at the Casino’s and Moncton largest NYE party, with an attendance reaching over 2000 people.Marco once again proved how versatille and skilled he really is with his funky and fresh electronic sounds and mad skillz on any instrument he picks up.
Keep your eyes and ears open in the near future for this upandcoming musician who is by far one of the East Coast and beyond hidden gem. If you haven’t heard him yet then come out and show your support, you will be amazed.

Daryl & His Boogie Buttons

Hush now. It’s Daryl time. Daryl likes dunkaroos, Dos Equis and baguettes. Watch out for his boogie buttons, when he pushes them, you may end up dancing until you are blue in the face, you can’t handle your pants, or both. Also if you need any legal advice, Daryl is also an excellent lawyer. 2 bucks a case! Whaow!

Taco Supreme

mmm tacos.

the Torinos

The Torinos are a three piece jam rock band based out of Saint John N.B. These three musicians have all establishedthemselves in different forms, not only in their home town, but across the country . Sam Astorino (guitarist), hails from Musquash N.B. , John Wilson (bassist), was raised in the City of Saint John , along with Dan Boyer (Drummer).  

Wobble Wallah

Wobble Wallah Halifax’s Official delegate of multicultural bass music. Expect sounds from the far reach’s of India to the sweaty beaches of South America all mashed together by a true Maritimer.

Metro Gnohm

The Metro-Gnohm is a Multi-Instrumentalist, Producer and DJ from the woods surrounding Halifax, Nova Scotia. He is constantly releasing new music and loves to collaborate. He plays acoustic music under the title of The Metro-Gnohm Unplugged. There is also a DJ Duo that includes The Metro-Gnohm and Wobble Wallah, named The Bass Babas, who flow back n forth between realms and tell the story behind fire dancers called IndusTribe. While incorporating live instruments and vocals, 8 channel mixing with loops, tracks and vocal samples are another focus. Interacting with the audience is also a desire that leads to shenanigans which brings the Metro-Gnohm closer to the people. Knowing the importance of heart and soul in music is something that this artist holds strong.   


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